Monday, September 27, 2010

One affordable gaming keyboard, the Genius KB-G235

If you're still using a regular keyboard because you don't want to spend big on a keyboard built especially for gaming, here's something you can buy without the guilt--the Genius KB-G235.Genius KB-G235Especially made for FPS/STG on-line games, the KB-G235 features an anti-ghost technology which enables gamers to command more actions with the six special keys which can all be pressed at the same time. What's more, KB-G235 comes with a keycap changer that allows gamers to manage their games effectively.

Designed with a full sized layout, the KB-G235 feels comfortable on the fingers. It has five solid rubber pads underneath which keeps this keyboard firm on the table so it won't budge at your slightest movement.

Other amazing features include water-resistant function, laser-printing keycaps for a durable life-cycle and Windows 7 compatibility.

Now at only around PhP 700, you can spend less on a keyboard that's totally a must-have for gaming pros!

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