Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Download mp3's using Evilshare

If you're in a network where P2P or file sharing is blocked, there's another place where you can search and download mp3's (and videos as well).

Evilshare is somewhat similar to Rapidshare and other file upload/download sites but the difference here is that you can search for files that other users have uploaded.

It's kinda tricky searching for files though since the usual search patterns such as quotes and plus signs are not recognized. Also, sometimes people upload files having a misspelled or incorrect title so you have to search hard.

For example, if I wanna search for Flow Rida's Get Low song, I have to use "low" or "flo_rida" or "flo-rida" as they keyword.

It's not that comprehensive and feature-packed but it's quick, simple and easy.

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