Saturday, March 8, 2008

How to find movies to download in mIRC

If you're an old-school internet user you might have heard or even used mIRC before. It was the popular choice for chatting before social network sites and instant messaging were born. It was also used to share mp3's, e-book, photos before the time of napster, the father of torrents.

There are many servers that has a number of channels with a handful of bots that serves as your source of files (mp3's, movies, e-books, softwares, games). These bots will only allot a number of slots for downloading before adding succeeding requests to its queue.

It's up to you now to find a bot with a fast connection and a lot of slots that has the movie that you're looking for. Enter

Packetnews is a search site for movies, games, software, etc. available in mIRC. It will look for the bots (or technically known as XDCC bots) in different servers for your query. It will list the server and channel the bot belongs to, its available slots and bandwidth.

Sample search query for the movie "Jumper"

If you're new to mIRC, it might look complicated to understand. But for the old timers who knows how to use it, they will be rewarded with a better download experience. I haven't seen a renamed file yet unlike what I heard from torrents.

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