Monday, March 17, 2008

Pacquiao won, but could've lost easily as well

Woohoo!!! Pacquiao won. It was a very close match and it could've gone Marquez's way just like what happened in their previous fight. In May 2004, Pacman was able to knock down Marquez thrice in the early rounds but Marquez was able to hold on for the rest of the fight which ended in a draw.

This time around, it was a split decision. Judge Duane Ford called it 115-112 in Pacquiao's favor and Jerry Roth favored Marquez 115-112. The only saving grace was that Pacquiao floored Marquez in the 3rd round which was really spectacular and Tom Miller gave Pacquiao a 114-113 edge.

Despite that, it looks like Marquez was the better fighter. On the fourth round, he was able to hold his ground and regain his energy after being knocked down on the previous round. Afterwards, he was able to exploit Pacquiao's cut in the eye, throwing accurate straight punches at him and controlling the tempo of the fight. It really looked like that Pacquiao can't read his opponent's strategy after that 3rd round.

It was the heart of Pacquiao, not wanting a repeat performance of their first match, that enabled him to rally at the late rounds and thus securing the WBC 130-pound title.

I would really like for them to have a rematch. Both are really good fighters and one should win convincingly to really settle the score on who's the better boxer.

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