Friday, March 14, 2008

Watch Pacquiao's match against Marquez Live via SopCast

Hey boxing fans, if you don't have pay-per-view for this Sunday's title match between our very own Manny Pacquiao and Mexico's Juan Manuel Marquez, you can watch the fight live in the internet via SopCast.

SopCast is a software that allows people to watch streaming videos, TV programs, etc. via the internet using P2P technology. What that means is that people will have to stream and share the match for others to view.

Tip: Better download now rather than wait till Sunday

But just like the match between Pacquiao and Barrera, there are people who actually share their video streams for others. You just have to be early and patient to connect to a good seed (seeders that offers good quality and fast connection). Of course, you should also have a fast connection to watch the match decently. I'm using 384Kbps from PLDT and I still get choppy video at times during buffering.

Using SopCast is pretty easy, you can login Anonymously or create an account. Then go to the Live Channels tab and select a channel that will broadcast the match. Or you can enter the channel (if you have one) in the Address field on top.

A video pane will appear on the right and will connect and start buffering the broadcast. Take note that there's a max number of connections to a channel so better login early, find a good channel and don't drop it.

My friend Zoul1380 said that he would be posting channels that would broadcast the match on Sunday in his blog.

Here's another site that posts SopCast channels for the match.

Whether or not you use SopCast or just watch the delayed telecast, let's hope for the best for our boxer! Go Pacquiao!!

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