Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Samsung Instinct, the iPhone wannabe

There's another iPhone wannabe out there and it's from Sprint and Samsung. The Samsung Instinct or Samsung M800 is the first touchphone from Samsung and is only available for Sprint subscribers.

Too bad it still doesn't come close to beating iPhone. It doesn't have the orientation sensor that iPhone has and you can't pinch or squeeze your fingers to zoom in or out. It simply is a touch-screen based phone.

Although there are some features from it that iPhone is missing, overall I would still choose an iPhone which still looks sleeker.

Side by side comparison from

Here's a list of some of its features:
  • 240 x 432 screen resolution (iPhone boasts a bigger 320 x 480 screen)
  • EV-DO Rev for faster surfing, download and upload (Sprint feature only and iPhone can only support EDGE)
  • it supports MicroSD Expandable memory (iPhone has none)
  • 2 MP camera
  • GPS via Sprint Navigation (iPhone has none)
  • No Wifi!!!
  • Bluetooth
But I guess if it sells way cheaper than the iPhone people might actually buy this phone.


Anah said...

Samsung likely play it safe. If they have all the features like Iphone they might get sued lol *joke*. Anyway, I like this phone features. I don't have the need for navigator or wifi so oke na to. :)

I found your blog pala from filipinobloggers. Have a nice day.


Pinoy WebSurfer said...

hi anah, thanks for visiting and posting a comment. i added you pala sa links ko if you don't mind.

well pagdating sa touchscreen, ginaya nya lang yung sa htc which was released way back nung bago pa lang iphone. pero maganda yung wifi, you can surf the net using those free wifi spots. :)

have a good day too!

Anah said...


Sure, you can add me. I'll add u narin sa Kalinkster DIR. You can grab one of my pixel.

Thanks ulit!


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