Thursday, April 3, 2008

Know when a forwarded e-mail is a hoax

Don't you hate it when a close friend or a relative sends you an e-mail informing you to forward that e-mail so you could win something? Or maybe forward that e-mail to help a dying kid?

I got an e-mail from an aunt of mine recently stating that Ericcson is giving away free laptops just by forwarding that mail to 8 friends. Well, it was also forwarded to my family and tons of other people albeit with good intention. But I don't like it thinking that my aunt or friends would fall for that trick.

So if it's too good to be true, check the facts at first, an Urban Legends Reference Site. I've been using this site since I was in college verifying junk mails being forwarded to me by friends. It is also a great site to waste your time reading interesting things like the organ thief stealing kidneys off coeds after drugging them.

So spread this link instead of spreading junk mails. You know you're better than that.

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