Sunday, April 6, 2008

Wii Fit, another reason to buy a Ninendo Wii

If you're still contemplating on whether to get a Nintendo Wii or not, here's another reason that might help you with your decision. If you or your family are having trouble exercising or keeping fit, the Wii Fit is a fun way to do it.

The Wii Fit comes with a wireless balance board that is similar to a step up board you see in fitness videos. This balance board will communicate with the console and can detect your balance as well as your BMI via pressure sensors. Neat huh?

The Wii Balance Board

There are various games and activities included in Wii Fit that will help you have fun and exercise at the same time. Yoga exercises, hula hooping, ski jumping and tightrope-walking to name a few.

The Wii Fit is not exactly new and has already been exhibited in various gaming conventions since mid last year. It's already out in Japan since December 2007 and has been a really big hit. It's coming to Europe on late April and will be out on North America on mid May with a price of around $75 to $80.

See? This is a good reason to convince your parents for a Wii. You have to compete with them though to use it. I heard there are plans for some fitness centers to incorporate the Wii Fit in their gym. Hehehe.

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Anah said...

Hi good mawnin'! Well, this entry will help me decide kung talagang worth it ba ang WII- it sure looks fun but dahil tamad ako mag exercise everyday - this might help me hehe! Again, good job sa post na to!

Have a good one,


Pinoy WebSurfer said...

hey hey thanks!! di pwede wii sa amin, kulang sa floor space kasi maliit lang bahay namin hehehe.

maganda pa dyan makikita mo yung progress mo based sa magiging itsura ng Mii mo (cartoon representation of yourself) para ganahan ka talaga. :)

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