Saturday, April 5, 2008

Know when Googlebot last crawled your site

When Googlebot crawls your site almost daily, it means that you are on your way to having a successful site in terms of the number of visitors and Google will reward you with a high SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

To know when was the last time Googlebot crawled your site, you can visit the Googlebot last access page on Just type in your site's URL there and you will get a nice little dynamic image showing the last time Googlebot crawled your site. You can even put the code provided to your site to let your readers know Googlebot's last visit.

But you might ask, how do I get Googlebot to crawl my site more often? Here are some tips:
  1. Submit a Sitemap. It will help Google crawl your site much better.
  2. Try to update your site daily or at least regularly. If Google visits your site and finds out that there's nothing new, it will put you in a much lower priority for its next visit.
  3. Exchange links with active bloggers. Active bloggers gets high priority with Googlebot. If it often finds the link to your site on other people's site, not only will Googlebot visit your site often but you will also be rewarded with a high pagerank.
  4. If your site is new, submit your posts to news/articles repository sites such as to showcase them to other people.
Just want to share to you something about tip #2. You see, I created this site last January but I didn't post anything till March. When I already started posting, I found out that Google still haven't indexed my site (search using this keyword "site:your site's URL").

After a week, I saw one of my post being indexed. Then a couple. Then a few more. This went on for a few more weeks till I started posting regularly and submitted a Sitemap. Now Googlebot was able to index my whole site and visits me at least twice a week. If I keep this up and gain more visitors, it will crawl my site daily just like my personal site.

Hope you find this post hopeful if you're planning to flaunt your site to the world. If you want more info, visit Google 101.


astrofel said...

Very informative article. Thank you!

Flyttefirma kĂžbenhavn said...

Thanks for info. Google is a pain in the neck ;)

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