Friday, May 9, 2008

Cinematographer for Iron Man is a Pinoy

Cinematographers direct the operation of motion picture or video cameras, thinking of lighting and the photographic techniques needed in the film. He works closely with the director determining how to frame a shot or how to set up the lights and a lot of other things.
So if you were amazed how beautifully the scenes from Iron Man were captured, you have to thank its cinematographer, Matthew Libatique for that. He is half American and half Pinoy who was also the cinematographer for Requiem for A Dream, Phone Booth, Number 23, Inside Man and a handful of other films and music videos.

Iron Man is his first big visual-effects-laden feature film so it was a real learning curve for him. Pretty impressive for a first timer huh? I hope he gets more big-budgeted projects.

We Pinoys are proud of you Matty!

Thanks to FilAmPride for this info.

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Berryblitz said...

They told me that the effects are cool!!! But I had never watched the movie yet. I think I won't be able to watch the film on theater.

And do you wonder what Iron Man is if the Philippine film industry made something like that film? Hmmmm "Bakal Boy"?

Pinoy WebSurfer said...

Yup it's gonna be Plantsadoro!!!

Shan said...

Great post! It's much better than mine...hahaha. You write very well. Anyway, I still have to see this movie. Keep up the great work. Keep in touch.

BTW...I did link exchange. Thanks!

ALiNe said...


Adrian said...

Hindi "Bakal Boy."


heh heh heh.

Cecile said...

Makes me more proud of being Pinoy. :)

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