Saturday, May 10, 2008

Download the best songs from American Idol Season 7

Here's a compilation of what I think are the best songs from American Idol: Season 7. I added the links where you can download the studio version of the song as well.

Not all songs have studio recordings so I can't do anything about that. Sometimes, the performance version is better than the studio recorded one so don't be surprised.

In no particular order:

  1. I Don't Want To Miss A Thing - David Cook | 6.00MB
  2. If I Ain't Got You - Syesha Mercado | 5.60MB
  3. Longer - David Archuleta | 4.63MB
  4. Always Be My Baby - David Cook | 5.36MB
  5. Love Me Tender - David Archuleta | 4.46MB
  6. Over the Rainbow - Jason Castro | 4.80MB
  7. Eleanor Rigby - David Cook | 7.11MB
  8. Come Together - Carly Smithson | 4.99MB
  9. The Long and Winding Road - David Archuleta | 3.02MB
  10. Jesus Christ Superstar - Carly Smithson | 3.94MB
  11. We Will Rock The Champions - Michael Johns | 4.71MB
  12. When You Believe - David Archuleta | 6.11MB
  13. The Music of the Night - David Cook | 4.30MB
  14. Let It Be - Brooke White | 4.81MB
  15. One Rock n' Roll Too Many - Syesha Mercado | 4.62MB
  16. Memory - Jason Castro | 5.49MB
  17. You're The Voice - David Archuleta | 5.80MB
  18. Alone - Ramiele Malubay | 4.51MB
  19. Billie Jean - David Cook | 6.52MB
  20. Total Eclipse Of The Heart - Carly Smithson | 4.87MB
  21. Every Breath You Take - Brooke White | 5.37MB
Here are the best songs that unfortunately, has no studio recording:
  1. Stand By Me - David Archuleta
  2. Hello - David Cook
  3. Hallelujah - Jason Castro
  4. Imagine - David Archuleta
  5. Baba O' Riley - David Cook
Let me know if I miss something that you think should be on the list.


Anonymous said...

Hi! what about "hello" and "billy jean" of david cook?

Thanks a lot!mwah..

blanne said...

i agree with the first comment.. hehe

anyway, design nga ng entrecard ko simple lang eh. kahit papaano, may bumibisita pa rin. pero mas maganda cguro kung bongga ang design. hehe.

anyway, di ako ang gumawa ng layout. copy paste lang yun galing sa internet. hehehe

Anonymous said...

Hi!what about ramielle's?we should include our own...he3.

You think david cook's version of all i really need is you will be included in his first album?coz they did not make any studio ver of this song...

Pinoy WebSurfer said...

Sad to say I don't think there's a song performed by Ramiele that's really memorable. Can you think of any?

Anonymous said...

Yeah right, wala akong maalalang song ni ramiele na maganda..(sorry ha but this is the truth)..

anyways..what about "baba o'reilly" of david cook?

i think most of the songs sang by david is great!:-)

Pinoy WebSurfer said...

There you go. Too bad the other great songs have no studio version. i personally like jason castro's memory. i also added alone by ramiele malubay because the studio version is really awesome.

Anonymous said...


for sure you've made everybody's day.


Anonymous said...

i think "you don't have to say you love me" was ramiele's best performance but that was in the top 24.

Pinoy WebSurfer said...

Oh yeah you're right about "You dont have to say you love me". Forgot about that.

but alone was a pretty good recording done by her. Too bad she didnt do well with the performance.

Anonymous said...

Do you also have the studio version of david cooks songs on the final 3?
first time ever i saw your face and dare you to move?

Thanks soooo much...mwah

Pinoy WebSurfer said...

sorry there are no studio version of the first two songs that they sang.

Anonymous said...


anyways, thanks for the uploads..

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