Tuesday, May 6, 2008

e-Cards that you might actually want to use

Tired of the old, boring, mushy type of eCards? Check out wrongcards.com. They have the most hilarious cards that I've seen. I admit that it's not for everybody but you have to at least send one to a friend or your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Send this to a friend (or enemy) in HR

They're not your conventional Hallmark greeting card text and that's what makes them cool. I commend the people who came up with this. Hehehe. They even have cards in the event of zombies.


Angela said...

Hilarious. Thanks for sharing!

Have you ever heard of SquidNote? It's a fun group greeting card site where you can have a bunch of people sign a card. You can even add a gift card for everybody to contribute to.



Pinoy WebSurfer said...

Hi angela, thanks for dropping by. I checked out squidnote and it's pretty nifty. I have to post about it soon. In fact, I'll send one to my mom and have my siblings sign too.

Thanks for sharing this link!

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