Monday, May 5, 2008

Play a bit of Guitar Hero III online

Can't wait to get home for your daily fix of Guitar Hero? Then try this mini-game of Guitar Hero III with your keyboards right here. If you're able to reach a high score then you could be eligible to win prizes from developer Rocket XL and Activision.

You don't need your guitar. You just need your fast fingers and your keyboard with the Enter key to strum. This widget contains three songs, "Cult of Personality" by Living Colour (Easy), "School's Out" by Alice Cooper (Medium), and "Metal Heavy Lady" by Lions (Hard).

The timing is a bit tricky and I only managed 14,950 points on the Easy song. Hehehe. Still, it's a very clever marketing strategy. Hmmm, I'm already thinking of buying the game.


noee said...

Hehe nice! This will tide me over until I get back sa Manila. Pero iba sya sa guitar kasi yung index finger mo yung nasa blue. 14000 lang ako sa medium.

Anonymous said...


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