Thursday, June 26, 2008

Building Better Blog Designs

For my regular visitors out there, you may have noticed some subtle changes I'm doing on this blog. I was finally able to populate the top menu bar with useful links.

I'm also trying to de-clutter my sidebar so I removed the Archive widget and made it into its own page located on the top menu. Next to go might be the Blogroll as I'll try to convert it to its own page too.

Also on the top menu is my RSS button. It was a mistake placing it at the sidebar where people need to scroll down just to access it. RSS buttons should be seen immediately without scrolling the page.

I was able to get a lot of good tips reading articles such as "Five Blog Design Mistakes that Make You Look Dumb" from Blog Design Blog. If you're conscious about the design of your blog, better check out the site.


ALiNe said...

ang tyaga mo magpalit... ako sobrang di ko pa pinapakialaman maciado! :D

Berryblitz said...

thanks for that link... i'm reading it right now...

Pinoy WebSurfer said...

@berryblitz, hehe ayos yan. ako nababagalan ako sa site ko, baka tanggalin ko na rin yung bloglog.

@aline, hehehe ok lang yan. kain ka na lang ng kain. :P

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