Friday, June 27, 2008

A Cisco Certification Can Take You A Long Way

IT Certifications looks really good on a resume and these can be the deciding factor for some IT companies if they're going to choose between two applicants. I know because I've looked at a handful of resumes myself and having certifications can really give you an edge.

Cisco certification is one of the most coveted by fresh IT graduates or those tech people who wants to venture into networking. Whenever I see job openings for networking related positions, I usually see Cisco certified as a requirement or as a desirable qualification.

I’m a regular visitor on this local tech forum and I always see a demand for CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associates) study groups or CCNA teachers. This just means that Cisco certification is not an easy thing to accomplish. But once you pass, you can easily reap the rewards of being Cisco certified. You get to work for big companies who really value such certifications and get fairly compensated as well.

Now if you’re planning to take a Cisco certification yourself, I would strongly suggest you join a good community of Cisco certified people or those who are also planning to get one themselves. One such site is the The Cisco Learning Network.

The Cisco Learning Network is a very comprehensive site if you want to learn about requirements, trainings, different kinds of certification available, career opportunities, etc. It boasts of a healthy community of IT professionals that can offer you tips, inform you of job openings, share documents, reviewers and a whole lot more.

The connection you get from this The Cisco Learning Network can really maximize that Cisco certification that you're planning to get.

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Georgia Stath said...

I agree with this article that certification certainly do give you an edge. Like the writer, I have seen this myself being an I.T recruiter for a period of time.

The Cisco Certifications have industry respect because the exams are more difficult than others, and they require you to recertify every 3 years in order to be up-to-date with the current technologies.

If you want to get into networking, Cisco certs are the way to go.

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