Thursday, June 19, 2008

Convert bitmap images to vector images online

VectorMagic is a cool site where you could convert your bitmap images to vector. Why would you wanna do that? Well if you don't know much about graphics design, vector images are easier to edit, change colors , etc. Vectorizing a photo makes it a nice piece of art as well.
For example, I have this Jollibee logo I downloaded somewhere. It's saved in JPG format so there are lots of colors used making the red look smudgy. If I want to change its colors, I need to covert it to a vector image first. Without any skills in Photoshop or Illustrator, Vector Magic allows me to do just that.
I just upload my image and let VectorMagic determine whether it's a photo or a logo. Then I'm asked a couple of basic questions before it process the image. If you need to polish your results, they have more options for you to try. No tracing skills are needed here folks. See my results below:
You can save the file for free in PNG format but with the words "Traced with VectorMagic" written at the bottom part. An easy solution would be to extend the height of your image to have some space for the words before uploading. Then crop the bottom part after downloading.

Vectorized Kung Fu Panda toys

If you want to download it in .EPS or .SVG format or without the "Traced with VectorMagic" words, you need to sign up and you'll get 2 free downloads. You have to pay if you want to download more images as .EPS.


leviuqse said...

oh my god!!

good thing they came up with this!!!

cool thing i love vector graphics

Pinoy WebSurfer said...

yup web 2.0 apps are really rockin'. glad you find this post interesting. thanks for droppin' by. :)

caryn said...

ooo! that is a cool cool thing! thanks! will try it out asap ;-)

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