Friday, June 20, 2008

Dirt Devil AccuCharge Vacuum Cleaner is the bomb!

I used to clean with vacuum cleaners before but they're quite a hassle to operate and store afterwards. The long cord is not long enough and coiling it after cleaning just makes me lazy to use a vacuum cleaner again. Not to mention the amount of electricity it consumes.

So we went back to basics with a broom and a mop, which is not an appealing thing to do. So we just let the dust accumulate and sweep it occasionally with our shoes or slippers and have the ants carry away dead insects while we wait for 2 weeks before calling up some house cleaners again.


Well, here's a vacuum cleaner that might change all that. Dirt Devil is the first cordless vacuum to earn Energy Star approval. You know, the standard for energy efficient consumer products.

With its AccuCharge technology, Dirt Devil vacuum cleaners reduces energy consumption by a whopping 70% compared to traditional vacuum cleaners. It prolongs the battery life as well with its special circuitry that monitors and protect the batteries from overcharging. When the charge voltage is reached, it reduces power to a trickle to complete and maintain the charge thus, saving you power and protecting your battery.

It's the perfect cleaning appliance for the energy-conscious household of today. Easy to use, easy to store, saves energy... what more could you ask for? Maybe a built-in AI so that it can clean the house for you?

Sponsored by Dirt Devil AccuCharge

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