Sunday, June 1, 2008

Create your own Cold Stone Ice Cream contest

ImixamericaAttention all teens ages 13 to 19, this is your chance to win $30,000 plus in prizes doing something that you would really enjoy. Join the Awesome Cold Stone Contest and create your own signature ice cream to have a chance to win lots of stuff.

It's quite easy to join. Just sign up on an application form and answer a questionnaire in the iMix America web site. If your application gets accepted, head straight to your local Cold Stone store and have a staff assist you in creating your own "signature" ice cream creation! Make sure you create something that really tastes good and not boring.

After that fun part, spread the word to your friends, relatives and even to your teachers or your guidance counselor. If your creation gets a lot of votes by the purchasers of your ice cream, you'll get to the next round and you will automatically win a prize.

Spread the word even more to have your creation reach the next round where a better prize awaits. After that, it's going to be the final round where the grand prize winner will get a $30,000 worth of prizes.

So head to the iMix America web site and join now!

Now that's what I think is a great way to enjoy a summer. How I wish I was a teenager again.

Sponsored by Cold Stone Creamery

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Sayang di na ako pwede sumali ... :P

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