Monday, June 2, 2008

Plug into the sun with a portable charger

This has got to be the coolest gadget an enviro-friendly techno-freak would want to have. A portable charger that uses solar energy to store power to charge your handheld devices.
Solio chargers are hybrid because it can store power from a wall socket or from exposure to sunlight. This is amazing if you find yourself away from electrical sources and your cell phone's battery just ran dry. For people who likes to go camping, trekking or people who's always on the go, this device is a must. Let's not forget you'll be doing something good for Mother Earth.

An hour of sun exposure will allow Solio to give you 25 minutes of talk time in most cellphones or an hour of music from your iPod. A fully charged one (takes 8-10 hours of sunlight or 4 hours from a wall socket) will fully charge your cellphone twice. I can think of a handful of situations where I could use that emergency power (rural areas, bus, airplanes, or during brownouts).This charger can also be used on your PDA's, PSP's and even your digital cameras provided you use the correct connector / adapter tip. Don't worry, the package comes with a myriad of these adapters.

Prices range from $99 - $199 depending on the model you choose. It also comes in pink if you wanna know! Hehehe.

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