Monday, June 30, 2008

Embed the comment box below your post in Blogger the easy way

If you're frequenting Blogger sites you would notice how cumbersome it is to post a comment. It's either a pop-up comment window will appear or you have to go to a separate page to post your comment. Why can't they incorporate the comment box on the same page as its post just like other blogs?

Check out my new comment form. Nice huh?

Fortunately, now there's an easy way to embed the comment form below each post's page. No more pop-ups and no more redirecting to a different page. No need to tweak with your HTML code or rely on outside javascript. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Log on to using your Blogger login details
  • Click Settings > Comments
  • On the Comment Form Placement section, choose Embedded below post
  • Save your settings and review your blog
That's it! Easy huh? Note that the script is still hard-coded so you can't change (I tried but failed) or modify the look via CSS. Pages with black background may not see the "Comment As" text so keep that in mind. I'm sure Blogger will allow customization once this feature leaves draft.

I'm so happy that Blogger finally listened to what its users are saying about the comment form. They even included the Open ID feature into it as well. Woot!


aline said...

Interesting... hmmm magawa nga .. pano nga ulit? pero parang complicated

ALiNe said...

ay hanapin mo pala yung pano ma track ang ip ng comment sa blogger mismo.

Pinoy WebSurfer said...

In tagalog, login ka sa, settings > comments tapos select mo yung "embedded below post". hehe that's it pansit.

jaycee said...

sorry kung mag co-comment ako ha, bakit ganoon ang hirap niyang palabasin kung ang template mo eh customized? I tried, pero hindi siya lumalabas kahit palitan ko pa yung code for comments sa Edit HTML function.

Sana maayos ng blogger kaagad ito.

Calvin said...

yikes, baka hindi supported ng template mo?

Bailey said...


destinations said...

very good just great ! i wanted this stuff forever again thanks so much !

ladyoutdoor said...

i did this but it still wont work.. please check my blog. its more of - it shows one can leave a comment but the box wont appear. Please advise. Thanks

ladyoutdoor said...

oops ive solved it already... this site was useful..

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andrea chiu said...

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