Sunday, June 29, 2008

Diaz clearly outclassed by Pacquiao

It had to end eventually as David Diaz who is known for his mettle and durability took punch after punch from Manny Pacquiao for 9 rounds. At the 2:23 mark on the 9th round, Diaz finally fell after a monstrous left from Pacquiao who is now the WBC Lightweight Champion.

What our boxing legend Flash Elorde failed to accomplish during his time, Pacquiao made sure that he won't fail winning the lightweight division title.

9th round stoppage
(Image from Associated Press)

Diaz who received a nasty gash on his right eye, a cut on the bridge of his nose, a very huge bruise on his left eye and a swollen lip for a $850,000 paycheck had these to say about Pacman:

"Manny was too fast," he said.

"It was his speed, all his speed," he said. "I looked at films and I thought I could handle that, but I couldn't."

"I could deal with the power but not his speed," Diaz said. "I got tricked by his speed. I gave it my all. His speed is what it sealed it for me. His speed was uncontrollable."

"[The cut] didn't bother me," he said. "But I thought he had a knife. It's like he was hitting me with a blade. I thought [Pacquiao trainer Freddie Roach] was in there hitting me too. What can I say? I lost today, I'll win tomorrow. To go like that with a guy like Manny Pacquiao, I think I'm doing pretty good."

Pacquiao really showed the world how greatly he improved (Even NBA Champs Boston Celtics were impressed). Diaz was no match right from the early rounds. He looked like he was in slow motion against Pacquiao during the whole match.

So what's next for Pacman? We would love to see him do a rematch against Juan Manuel Marquez who he defeated earlier this year via split decision. After that, he can go up against Ricky Hatton on the 140-pound Junior Welterweight Division which his coach is comfortable with.

That has to wait as Pacquiao will receive yet another hero's welcome when he comes back here in the Philippines! We're proud of you Pacquiao! Thanks for making Philippines a safe country even for just a day.


Saging said...

i love it how he mention's speed over and over again. haha. go manny ^^

ALiNe said...

Weee! galing galing talaga!

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