Saturday, July 5, 2008

Best Book About CSS That I've Read

For those who don't know, CSS means Cascading Style Sheets and is widely used by web designers. The design or the theme of your blog or Multiply relies greatly on CSS.

artscience Here's a book I always tell about to others who are interested in honing their CSS design skills or wants to tweak the CSS on their site. The Art & Science of CSS is a very well written book by five of the biggest name in CSS design that aims to teach practical and beautiful implementation of CSS. Here are just some of the things you can learn from this book.

  • Format calendars, menus and table of contents using CSS
  • Create horizontal, vertical and tab-based navigation systems using CSS
  • Create rounded corners using CSS
  • Design stylish Website headings
  • Put together funky & artistic Website backgrounds
  • Use CSS to render blockquotes, dates and lists in a visually appealing manner


It is quite easy to read and understand with its full color layout, making it feel like you're reading a magazine. The designs on the book are visually appealing and inspiring. The code CSS code used to create each of the components is provided and is guaranteed to be simple, efficient and cross-browser compatible.

Download the full PDF version of The Art & Science of CSS here.

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