Monday, July 7, 2008

Faulty laptops with Nvidia graphics chip

If you own a laptop with an old Nvidia graphics chip, be prepared to encounter having your screen go dark without notice.

Nvidia recently found out that there was a flaw on some of their graphics chips that were shipped with a huge number of laptops. Users suddenly experience their screen going black, but some claim that dimming the screen or placing it near the AC can temporarily solve the problem.

The actual flaw hasn't been revealed yet because Nvidia still cannot pinpoint what's causing the problem. They're suspecting it has something to do with the packaging materials used on some of the chips that causes it to overheat quickly. They are planning to release a software driver that will allow the system fan to operate sooner to alleviate the "thermal stress" on the chips soon.

They still don't have the list of all laptop models affected but I'll be posting it here once they're made available.

Whew, good thing that my laptop is running on ATI graphics.


ALiNe said...

Awwww... and i thought na ok yang brand na yan

Pinoy WebSurfer said...

well ok naman talaga. nagkataon lang. even Sony had problems with their laptop batteries a couple of years ago.

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