Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Greener Search Engine

With talks of global warming or climate change bringing floods, intense heat waves, hurricanes and tsunamis all over the world, one must think hard on how he can contribute to alleviate this situation that's destroying our environment.

One of the major causes for climate change is carbon dioxide emission, with US being the number one contributor followed by China. On a very smaller scale, do you know that as an individual using the Internet, you're already contributing to carbon emission? A single query emits approximately a fraction of a gram of carbon dioxide and combined with the use of computer, it's roughly 17g per user.

So how could you help? Well instead of using Google or Yahoo for your search queries, you can use the Carbon Neutral search engine. Huh? Don’t get me wrong, using this search engine doesn’t directly reduce carbon dioxide emission. But they do offset each query via offsetter companies like Climate Care and Carbon Fund.

You would probably ask, how in the world can you offset carbon emission? What offsetters do is for a set amount of carbon dioxide emitted, they invest in renewable technology, energy efficiency and reforestation projects. That’s how you offset carbon emission.

So use the Carbon Neutral search engine for your search queries to help save the planet. They even have a toolbar that you can install on your browser and it’s powered by Google as well!

Sponsored by Carbon Neutral Search

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