Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Where to Get No CD Patch for PC Games

If you have a PC Game installed that requires a CD/DVD but somehow lost it, the only convenient thing to do is to apply a patch so that the game won't look for your disc anymore. Or maybe you don't want to use the disc over and over again after installing your game to prevent damaging it.


GameCopyWorld is a site where you can download No-CD patches for virtually all PC games that came in a box. The files you download there are relatively safe. I tried downloading a few times and never did get any spyware or virus from their files.

Aside from game patches, they also have trainers or game hacks if you're having a great deal of difficulty finishing your game. Unlimited money for Command & Conquer 3? No problem. It's really a great site to bookmark if you're an avid PC gamer.

So sometimes it is best to do a full install with the cinematics and all just in case you misplaced your CD.

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