Monday, July 28, 2008

My free file-hosting service of choice, Ziddu

If you're looking for a FREE file-hosting service to store your files, can I suggest Ziddu? In Ziddu, your storage space is virtually UNLIMITED. There's no limit on how many files you can upload, the only limit is the 200MB cap per file which is ok. I mean how often do you upload something more than 200MB right?

Uploading is pretty easy and you can create separate folders/albums for your files. Then you can easily share those links to your friends using the share button. If you uploaded any audio, video or photos, your friends can view them without having to download the files. The only feature I find lacking is that just like any file storage site, you can't have a direct link to the files in case you want to embed a certain photo onto your site.

Here's the clincher, you can actually EARN from this site. Everytime somebody downloads a file from your account, Ziddu will pay you $0.01 and when you refer a friend, you'll get $0.1. That's not a lot when you think about it but as far as I know, people loves to download free stuff.


John said...

I suggest you store your files on this site in order to save on bandwidth costs. Files are hosted on a 1000Mbit unmetered port. You can put links to these files on your website so your users can easily download them. They have no download limitations, hosting costs are only covered by advertising revenue. No worry that you'll need to buy a "premium" account.

Calvin said...

hmmm... i tried it out but i can't bring back my link when i accidentally closed my browser. but it's good for 1 time upload and forget since you don't have to sign up.

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