Monday, July 21, 2008

Using Windows Live Writer for Blogging

How often do blog? Daily? Thrice a week? How many blogs do you maintain? Blogging can sometimes be quite addicting but it's hard to maintain multiple blogs. Signing out and signing in again on another account can take the fun away from blogging. Or you might encounter uploading an image only to find out that it's not the one you want or it needs more editing so you have to re-upload again.

wlw I'm using Windows Live Writer to write this post 

Good thing there's Windows Live Writer. This is an old blogging tool that I use a lot but found out that many of my blogger friends still doesn't know about it. Think of it as a Macromedia Dreamweaver or an MS Word that's used mainly for blogging.

Here are some key features of Windows Live Writer:

  • It supports most major blog services. I have no problems using it on my Wordpress and Blogger accounts.
  • You can create different profiles for each of your blogs so publishing is as easy as choosing the blog and clicking Publish. Live Writer will login to your account for you and upload all the images.
  • Live Writer pulls down the CSS you are using for each of your blog so you can get a real preview of your post before you publish it.
  • No more pop-up windows for inserting links and images.
  • You can easily add images from your local drive or from a URL and style it with margins, alignments, size, etc.
  • You can easily include a table (check out my archive page) in your post if you need one.
  • There are lots of plugins being developed that can make your blogging easier. One is Insert Code which is pretty helpful if you're posting HTML or programming codes.

There are many other stuff that you would appreciate when you being using Windows Live Writer so I highly recommend this software for all bloggers out there.

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