Saturday, August 2, 2008

Esquire magazine to use e-paper

Remember the newspapers and posters in Harry Potter's world where the pictures are moving and the text is constantly changing? Well, it's going to happen in our world soon.

esquire Esquire magazine will be releasing a limited number of a version of its August issue that uses electronic-ink-display for its cover on mid-September. Esquire's deputy editor Peter Griffin (not from Family Guy) says that we can expect an animated cover where the order of the words will change and images will turn on and off.

The battery-powered cover won't be thick and stiff but flexible and just comparable to heavy magazine stock.

Being the first magazine to enter the digital age and having only 100,000 copies, it will be a collector's item so better grab one if you can and auction it off eBay.

- From Gina Hughes of Yahoo Tech

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