Friday, August 1, 2008

My earnings with SocialSpark so far

SocialSpark is one of those services that pays you to write reviews or buzz for their advertisers out there. I joined them late last April and I recently checked how much they've paid me so far. I just want to share to you that you could really make good money with such sites:


The image shows that I can cash out $73 and am still owed $54. Not bad for some extra money.

I joined other PPP sites too but this is the one where I earned the most. Smorty was short-lived and SponsoredReviews requires a high page rank so not much opportunities. But with SocialSpark and its sister PayPerPost, they give you opportunity based on your RealRank which is their own way of tracking your site's traffic.

I'm not saying you should jump into these kinds of online money making schemes right away. If you care about your Google Pagerank, think hard before you start selling links and doing paid reviews.


ALiNe said...

Wow ... ako di ko pa nagagawa yan.. pero dati pa ako mem

Calvin said...

hehehe. madali lang sa socialspark kasi ang daming opp. pero baka masira theme ng blog mo kaya isip muna hehehe.

fdask said...

I just signed up with social spark yesterday. While the interface leaves a little to be desired, looks like it could be a valueable site.

Nice to see someone who's actually earned some cash vouch for them!

Calvin said...

yeah, had a hard time navigating the site before but you'd get the hang of it. good luck on your socialspark experience!

Berryblitz said...

wow congrats hehehe. more earnings to come. basta ako fav ko talaga socialspark :)

Calvin said...

hehe thanks. pero mas marami ata sayo. mas marami kang nakukuhang opps eh. :)

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