Monday, September 29, 2008

Bingo Fun for the Kids

I love playing Bingo. It’s just an easy game to learn and quite enjoyable as well. I remember when I was a kid that we use to play Bingo with our cousins during parties. It was a nice way to keep us kids entertained while the grown-ups are busy chatting among themselves. It’s also a staple game during Christmas parties at school as a way to dispose party prizes.

But how do you teach kids or at least entice them to learn how to play Bingo at an early age?

Screenlife Games has the solution to that. From the makers of Scene It, they bring us the Disney DVD Bingo. This DVD game lets kids learn numbers, colors and matching skills with their favorite characters from Disney.

The Disney Bingo includes a DVD, 6 double-sided Bingo cards and 150 Bingo chips. There are also movie clips on the DVD from different Disney films that can bring a twist to the game. For example, if a Peter Pan clip is shown and at the end of it a GREEN screen appears, you can place a chip on any green space on your card.

This Disney DVD Bingo is a sure hit during weekly game nights to share some family bonding with the kids. Get this game at or and enjoy the moment with the kids.


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