Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wind-up MP3 Player

Here's a real cool and green innovation for an mp3 player. The Eco Media Player Revolution doesn't need any batteries. What it does need is some cranking to allow its dynamo to power the device. Yup, it has a built-in hand crank that would give you around 45 minutes of music for every minute of winding. Talk about music on demand.


The Eco Media Player Revolution can play most music formats (MP3, OGG, ACC, WMA) and video (MP4, WMV, AVI) although it's not that advisable considering it's small screen. It also has a built in FM radio and recorder. It has 4GB worth of internal memory and an SD card slot if you want another extra 4GB and connects via USB.

Another cool thing about this player is its ability to power up cell phones in case you don't have your charger with you or nowhere near sockets.

This thing costs about $240 though which is certainly expensive for an mp3 player.

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