Friday, September 12, 2008

Find your friends on the net with iSearch

I bet you tried searching Google using your name or your friend's name at one point. Problem there is that the results are kinda broad. If you want to filter your results to just social networking sites, business listings, blogs or news, you might want to check out iSearch.

Although not that effective especially if the person doesn't spend a lot of time online, you might be surprised with some of the results. I typed in my colleague's name and we found a few results but one has his current place of employment. He didn't know how that piece of info got into the net.

iSearch is really helpful to look for a person's account on different social networking sites. You can search by name, screen name or phone number although good luck on getting relevant results on the last two. For more personal details, you can have the option to pay them for that service. Online PI? It's more geared towards people living in the US since you can also search by city or state.

Give it a whirl and see if you can locate your long lost friend's myspace account on the net.

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