Friday, September 12, 2008

BlueTrack is the latest in mice technology

Microsoft recently unveiled its latest and most advanced tracking technology called BlueTrack. Tracking in terms of mice I mean. They're boasting that their mice with the BlueTrack technology is better compared to the leading laser and optical mice around.


Explanation for the geeks, its large, blue beam and specular optics architecture, in conjunction with a Microsoft-designed image sensor and proprietary pixel geometry, generates a high-contrast picture of the mousing surface that allows exceptional tracking accuracy.

For the not so geeks, it can function properly even on difficult surfaces such as granite countertops, carpets, or even on that airport bench. This is great for laptop owners who usually use their laptop in bed. Too bad it still won't work on glass or mirrored surfaces.

Right now, the technology is only available to Microsoft products. We'll have to wait if other brands such as Genius or Logitech will have something like it. The big question is, will you pay $99 (Explorer Mouse) or $79 (Explorer Mini Mouse) if your optical mouse is working just fine?


ALiNe said...

Ang mahal naman ..

Calvin said...

yeah considering that an optical mouse from CD-R king costs less than 3 dollars.

madame said...

What a waste... The optical mouse works just fine in bed, on carpet, and other surfaces. It is the glass table problem that I would really like to see solved.

Calvin said...

what mouse are you using? our optical mouse is does not work on the bed. maybe because it's cheap. hehehe.

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