Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I Joined Nuffnang Philippines

I've been to a lot of blogs especially Asian bloggers (mostly Malasyian and Singaporean) and one thing I noticed is that Nuffnang keeps popping up on their posts. They talk about how good the income they get from it. Nuffnang is a localized online advertising company. Sorta like Google Adsense but the advertisers choose which blog they want to put their advertisement which is pretty good for niche blogs. The payout is quite decent too.

Well, Nuffnang came to the Philippines last month and they are building up the blogger base. Afterwards, they'll be focusing more on advertisers. It's pretty easy to join and be approved. Once you're in, you only need to add the script of their ad placeholder on your blog and that's it.

One of the cool things they have is the Nuffnang Glitterati which is a club where all members are eligible to join. Once you're a Glitterati member, you'll get other earning opportunities such as doing advertorials or joining their contests.

Right now Nuffnang Philippines is still new but you don't want to be left out once things pick up.


LJDiaz said...

Congrats sa ating lahat!! the chosen 68!

Joedel said...

It feels great to be one of the 68 chosen ones. Congrats to us! :)

earthlingorgeous said...

Congrats to us!

Mga Kwentong ma Alamat said...


web magazine staff said...

Congrats! We won the Nuffnanger 68!
it means Nuffnang is real!

ohmski said...


MaMely said...

Is this just for the Philippines?

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