Monday, September 8, 2008

Replace your MS Paint with a better Paint

Sure your MS Paint loads fast and all but do you ever get frustrated that it could only do so much? Like maybe keep your bored nephew preoccupied? MS Paint is one of the worthless crap that Windows installs on your PC. I can't even use it to crop images without pasting it in a new document.


If you want a free and light image editing software, you might want to use Paint.Net. It has all the features you wish MS Paint had. Layers, Gradients, Special Effects, Bezier curves, Clone stamp and more. Even Microsoft is considering replacing its own Paint with Paint.Net.

It's only a 1.6MB download but requires at least .Net Framework 2.0 that you probably already have installed.


ALiNe said...

Hmmm.. parang mas ok picasa

Calvin said...

hmm diba strength ng picasa ay photo sharing and management?

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