Friday, September 19, 2008

Laptops for the health conscious

With the number of laptops we have available today, sometimes manufacturers are having difficulty getting a nice piece of the market. Colored laptops are now common and so aree with fingerprint scanner or facial recognition.

To separate themselves from others, here are two upcoming laptops that might appeal to those who are conscious about their health.

Samsung NC10 with its Anti Bacterial Keyboard

We all know that there are countless of germs living in your keyboard. From crumbs, dust, dead skin, boogers, hair, the keyboard is probably dirtier than a toilet seat.


Samsung knew that and developed the Silver Nano Technology which they put on the NC10's keyboard to make it anti bacterial. They simply sprinkled nano-sized silver ion powder on the keyboard to make it impossible for bacteria to live. They didn't mention though if those powder will eventually wear out and for how long.

Asus N50 with its built-in Air Ionizer

Find yourself always using your laptop in outdoor cafes or coffee shops but can't bear the cigarette smoke that is usually present in such places?


Well you might want to replace or somehow trade in that laptop with an Asus N50. This nice piece of laptop has a built-in Air Ionizer ready to clean the air around you. Hmm, I don't know how effective will that be since ionizers usually comes with a purifier to trap those harmful particles in the air. Might be better if you just get yourself a USB air purifier.

Not sure how these healthy options will drive the price of the laptops but for me, those features are nothing really amazing.

Would you buy such devices for their health benefits?

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