Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How cool is a pocket projector?

Back in college, I remember helping my professor push around a bulky contraption called an overhead projector. Fast forward a couple of years, it was upgraded to a less bulkier portable projector that looked like a huge briefcase that can launch nuclear missiles. And it was still heavy! Now we got lighter ones here at the office but back then I was thinking of something that you could easily carry with you all the time.

Thanks to 3M, a pocket projector was made into a reality. The MPro110 mini projector is a device that can fit in your palm and project images up to about 11 inches across. It doesn't have the numerous buttons found on the usual projectors, just a scroll wheel that allows you to focus. It has a VGA input for laptops and a composite video jack for your iPods, PSP or other portable media players.

Is that just awesome? I can turn off the lights in a meeting room on our office and have my own mini-theater with this projector, an iPod and a set of portable speakers. It's coming out soon with a price tag of $359.


Daisy said...

woah! Thats is cool! I need one of those at work! Hmm I better tell my boss about it.

Calvin said...

this is perfect for those who does a lot of presentations in different places.

Wally Banners said...

WOW man that is a great device I remember the huge projector too lol. I am getting one so fast thank you dude!!

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