Thursday, September 4, 2008

Shop in any US sites from the Philippines

We all know that US sites offers the best deals for online purchases with their holiday sales and free US shipping promos. However, how can Filipinos or those living outside the US take advantage of those great deals?

If you buy from different sites, those international shipping fees will surely add up. Besides, not all US sites allow international shipping although you can still purchase them and have a friend living in the US ship it to you. But that’s quite a hassle for you or your friend and some sites do not even accept international billing address.

A solution to this is Access USA’s International Package Forwarding. Here’s how it works, Access USA will give you an exclusive international address to use when shopping online. When they receive your merchandise, you can choose if they will send it to you right away or wait for your signal in case you still have other purchases on the way. By consolidating your items, you will save money from international shipping fees.

If your international credit card is not accepted by the merchant, you can use their Personal Shopper service that allows you to shop with their company credit card, company check or PayPal account. Nice huh?

Now you can also participate on those big online Fourth of the July and Christmas sales just like any US resident. Sign up at website and check out their rates then start shopping.

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shopaholic224 said...

Another great solution for handling international shipments is Bongo International

I've been using them for over a year now and they consolidate and repack my US purchases and ship them right to my door, saving me a lot of money.

They have a lot of international shipping info on their website, and a live chat option for any questions. BongoUS also offers a pay-per-use option while other mail forwarding companies require you to pay a subscription fee

My Tewksbury: Power Of The People said...

Great article, I am a shoe & Fashion lover in Kuwait, I have been using for the last five years and find them to be much superior to I have just renewed my annual membership for $79.99, what makes them good is the fast service they give me, I receive my Amazon shipment in AM and they ship it to me in afternoon. You should give them a look. They also accept Paypal and my international credit card. They can ship to Kuwait by US post office and give me the freedom to declare my own values for taxes.

Samira from Kuwait

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