Saturday, September 6, 2008

Use mouse gestures to boost productivity

For productivity, creating shortcut keys are pretty handy like what I do with Ctrl-Shift-C to open up my calculator or Ctrl-Shift-N for my notepad. But sometimes, with all those Windows pre-defined shortcuts, it's hard to find a simple combination of keystrokes.


A solution to this is to use your mouse instead to create gestures to perform simple tasks. With gMote, you can record mouse strokes and assign them to open your applications, control your browser and other tasks you often find yourself repeating.

You can use the middle-mouse button or the left or right-mouse button in combination with a key (like Shift or Ctrl). You can also limit those gestures to a certain application so you don't have to worry about it when playing a computer game.

gMote is a pretty small program and is FREE to use.

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dyosa said...

oooh, interesting! I'll try this. Thanks for the info. :-)

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