Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A toaster that also prints?

Picture this, you sit down to have breakfast and in front of you is the weather report or a headlines. The problem is it is not printed on paper but on the french toast that you're about to eat.

Yup! The Scan Toaster toasts text or pictures onto your bread. This design was a finalist on the Electrolux Design Lab competition which focused on creating appliances for the future iGeneration. This toaster/printer is just the size of a slim external CD writer that connects to your PC via USB. It downloads materials from your PC to print on your toast.

Cool huh? Print your report on one side and spread some peanut butter on the other side then watch your dog literally eat your homework.

Net-talking toaster to burn news onto bread


Chandira said...

That's awesome..

Steven said...

Sleek...and practical.

penlighted said...

This is amazing! I want this! This would be a very lovely addition to every household. This can make a coffee party more fun than it used to be and I'm sure kids can't wait to show their snack in school!

Calvin said...

every toast will surely bound to be a conversation piece. hehehe.

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