Thursday, October 2, 2008

Basketball in my life

I love basketball. I love playing, watching and talking about basketball. I remembered back in high school I use to play basketball at school or near our house every chance I can. Even though I know I don’t have the talent to be a skillful player, it kept me out of trouble and kept my body in shape.

In college, I was very much into the school spirit when it comes to our basketball team. Although I seldom watch them play live during the eliminations, I went to see them during the Finals. On that best-of-three event, we won the first game but lost the second one. I was lucky to be able to watch the last game in which we won and the experience sharing the victory with your schoolmates was really awesome.

Right now, I still do play pick-up games although not that often. I’m satisfied with just watching basketball games on TV especially the NBA which will start real soon. I even joined a fantasy league to force myself to be updated with NBA news.

I’m going to leave you with a sports clip of one of the phenomenal players in the NBA.

Here’s Dwight Howard with his Superman dunk that I found on SportsVids.

SportsVids is a site where you can find online sports videos and upload sports vids of your own. Think of it as YouTube for sports enthusiasts. If you are one, be sure to check it out.


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