Friday, October 3, 2008

Wake up properly with the Glo Pillow

We all know that alarm clocks aren't that effective. We just turn it off or snooze it then go back to sleep whenever we hear the alarm. Studies show that waking up by audio alarm just shocks your system and will leave you tired in the morning.

The Glo Pillow can help you wake up more naturally than an alarm clock. Instead of blaring sounds, your pillow will glow gradually to recreate the natural light cycle for a more healthy sleep/wake pattern. It has bright LED lights inside that will trigger on a pre-set time. The pillow starts from 0 to 500 lux over the course of 40 minutes, but most people will be up by the time the light hit 220 lux.

It started out as a school design project but will be undergoing production soon. Expect it at the end of the year for $80 apiece.

Pretty nice alternative for an alarm clock. Perfect for rooms with heavy curtains or with no windows.


Prime said...

Would never work for me. I'd sleep right through. I need loud, irritating noise to get me up.

kenwooi said...

WOW! Interesting! Now where can I get one?

Calvin said...

@prime, it probably won't work for those people who normally sleeps during the day. hehehe.

@kenwooi, still under development... let's wait for it at the end of the year.

TK said...

This is a great idea! It makes sense that a loud noise jolting you awake would leave you tired. As long as it's as comfortable as a normal pillow, I'll definitely purchase one. Nice article!

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