Monday, October 6, 2008

Trying out Entrecard

On my continuous effort in bringing traffic to this site of mine, you will notice the new Entrecard widget on my rightmost column. Yup! I decided to check out Entrecard.

entrecard At first I was dubious that it would really bring traffic to my site but after hearing my blogger friend Gem saying that she got 3k visits from Entrecard in a month I know I had to try it out myself. So I designed my own Entrecard and signed up. Check it out. :)

I read some guides on how to maximize your card but I'm still a bit confused on some areas. Like what's the difference between purchasing and dropping a card. I thought your card will appear on other people's site if you keep on dropping it. So what's the use of purchasing the ad space? What's the use of having an expensive price?

Anyway, I'll continue to read more and monitor my stats and I'll report back the result after a month. I'll be active in visiting sites and dropping my card so feel free to drop your card here as well.


Graham said...


Dropping does not make your card appear on someone's site. It just makes your card appear in their inbox when they log in. If you want your card to appear on their site, you have to buy an ad on their site.

Calvin said...

hi Graham, thanks I kinda figure it out while playing with the dashboard. so I guess it's 1 is to 1 traffic. I drop you visit.

Jay said...

For a non-SEO literate like me, I would say EntreCard is heaven-sent.

Calvin said...

after a day, i was able to drop 89 cards but only got 17 clicks from hmmm, what's the technique here?

tamicks said...

I just joined Entrecard today, and thats how we found each other! :)
You should read the Entrecard official ebook

It really helped me!

Berryblitz said...

I saw your entrecard nga sa account ko. Cool pic!

Gem said...

Thanks! I've noticed this site after those 4 drops you did one of my sites.

Dami ko drops everyday. 300 drops for each of my 2 blogs. Di ko tuloy napansin.. hehe

Thank for mentioning me too. I'll be posting about Entrecard again in a short while on one of my blogs.

Calvin said...

@tamicks, thanks for the tip. i'll check it out when i find the time. :)

@berry, mas cool kaya pic mo.

@gem, grabe 300! gano katagal mo gagawin yung 300? hirap kasi sa ibang site kundi mabagal magload pahirapan naman sa paghanap nung entrecard.

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