Saturday, October 4, 2008

How to protect your PC from the internet

At this point in our time, it is very easy to access the internet unlike before when most people are still using dial-ups. Now, broadband is getting cheaper and we have free WiFi access on some areas as well as cheap 3G rates.

internetsecurity With more and more people going online, the internet is becoming a perfect place for some people to wreak havoc by accessing your machine, stealing private information, etc. The internet is becoming a dangerous place for people who doesn't know how to protect themselves. Having an anti-virus just won't cut it these days. There are lots of ways for hackers to penetrate your system by just staying online and your anti-virus can't help you.

I spend a lot of time online visiting different sites for blog materials and I do encounter a lot of sites that have phishing codes and abilities to drop spyware or malware to your system. I'm not afraid wading through those sites with COMODO Firewall Pro installed though. With a personal firewall, I would know whenever an application from my PC is accessing the internet or if an unknown source is accessing my system without my knowledge.

I highly recommend having a firewall installed on your system for added protection from online attacks. COMODO is a trusted internet security company that offers their products for FREE! Yes! They offer their award-winning firewall program for free! Aside from that, they also have free anti-virus and secure email software available for download.

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