Saturday, May 30, 2009

Transfer files over the web in real-time

When you have a file you want to send to somebody usually we use e-mails or if it’s a huge file we use those file hosting sites. But if you need to transfer files in real-time where you upload and the other person download at the same time, you can use something like JetBytes.


JetBytes is free and easy-to-use. No need to sign up or download and install anything. Just browse for your file, give the private URL to the other person and watch your file being sent in real time. There’s no file size limit so it is something you can use if you can’t email the file.

Other similar sites is Zapr and Files Over Miles. Why would you want to use something like this? Well because sometimes apps such as Yahoo cannot bypass firewalls and blocked ports if you’re behind one.


Mys said...

where do you get this stuff? i needed this one a long time ago

Calvin said...

hehe google is your friend. :) i was looking for a service like this and eto yung mga nakita ko.

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