Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Largest capacity flash drive belongs to Kingston at 128GB

Kingston recently rolled out a flash drive with what is now has the largest capacity at 128GB. The new DataTraveler 200 comes in 32GB, 64Gb and a whopping 128GB.

Kingston Data Traveler 200

I remember owning my first flash drive that can only accommodate a measly 64MB and I’m already satisfied with my current 4GB flash drive. But 128GB?? That’s more than our external hard drive which only has 80GB.

It’s big alright but I doubt people will rush into buying one when they find out that it costs a hefty $546! Let’s see, at that cost I could buy a netbook or a 1TB external hard drive or even a DSLR. Better wait for the price to go down which should happen in just a few months.


Mys said...

I will wait and wait and wait. wow, 1 tb external hard drive - I think I read somewhere that Jessica Zafra got a one tb dirt cheap at a gadget expo. either 9k or 19k. I lost track of how much.

jane said...

Are you interested in link exchange?? Let me know..

Calvin said...


1TB external drives are readily available now and it costs less than 10k but i don't need that many a space. imagine if the whole thing crash. Ugh.

internet marketing services said...

128 Gig! this is insane! where can i get one???

czaroma said...

Interesting! 128G is good enough for me, but it is too pricey!

Mys said...

@ calvin, the secret would be partition, partition, partition. hahaha.

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