Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mafia Wars Cuba: Convert your US dollars in Cuban pesos

UPDATE: This does not work anymore. Zynga already fixed this before Cuba went public.

If you’re tired of fighting mafias in order to get a few pesos in Mafia Wars: Cuba, here’s a trick on how to earn them C$’s very quickly. This is a loophole in the game so better act quickly before they fix it.

1. Make sure you are in NY with 32 million dollars on hand.

2. Next, click this link:

This allows you to buy 1000 Commercial Helicopters in Cuba from New York.

3. Now fly to Cuba and check your vehicle inventory. You should see 1000 choppers waiting for you.


4. Sell those choppers to earn 16 mil Cuban pesos.

It’s up to you what you want to do with those money. I suggest buying and upgrading all businesses then buy all item requirements for all jobs.


Anonymous said...

Can u make a link for the most expensive thing in cuba u can get at lv 110 please?

Anonymous said...


Calvin said...

i dont know what's the most expensive for lvl 110 but play around with the number "47" (item=47) at the end. change it into 32, 40, etc.

Anonymous said...

They have closed the loophole sorry fellas

Calvin said...

yeah it's fixed now.

Jennifer said...

damn i shoulda done it when i first saw it - i bookmarked it like an idiot!

Anonymous said...

I didn't have a high enough level

Anonymous said...

in what level do i get commerercial helicopter??

Anonymous said...

This trick no longer works.

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