Thursday, June 11, 2009

Handy site for special character reference

So you’re typing an e-mail but realized that you need to use the character “ñ” for a name. What do you do?

You can look for it in Windows’ Character Map which can take you millions of clicks to find (you can type ‘charmap’ in Run). You can also run MS Word and do an Insert Symbol then copy it to your e-mail. Or you can simply visit Copy Paste Character.


The site is very straightforward to use. Look for a character that you want to use. Click on it and it will be automatically stored in the clipboard ready to be pasted on whatever document you’re making.

Check it out and have it bookmarked.


Mr. JuanStep said...

The site is very helppful. I always had a problem with those characters befire.

Mys said...

alt 165 capital Ñ. alt 164, lowercase ñ. that's the only thing I know. I need it to type hubby's student list for grading sheets.

Gem said...

Cool. I like this one better than the one shipped with Windows. Very good find. I'll be using it in my web design works because I am able to copy the text in HTML version, something that the character map in Windows does not have.

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