Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sony’s PSP GO is a go! Would you go get one?

In the E3 2009 held this week, Sony finally unveiled the latest incarnation of it’s popular handheld gaming device which they now call the PSP Go.

pspgoNow the question is, are you really excited about it? Did you think it was a huge improvement from the original PSP? Here are its features:

  • Much smaller form factor with the controls sliding out
  • 3.8-inch dislay (down from 4.3-inch)
  • 16GB internal Flash storage
  • Bluetooth
  • No more UMD drive
  • Memory Stick Micro slot

The PSP Go is expected to be out on October this year with a price tag of $249.99 which is similar to the price of the original PSP when it first came out.

Many people didn’t like the design at all calling it un-Sonylike. What happened to the original leaked photos of the next PSP? I was also hoping there would be improvement in the processing power but it doesn’t look to be the case. The expected second analog nub didn’t make it as well and the button spacing can feel quite cramped for your hands.

The only good thing that I liked about it is the 16GB internal storage but it’s no big deal. I say the PSP Go would be a flop. I know Sony can do better than this.

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