Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What to do with your old NES cartridges

Do you still have a stack those old NES cartridges lying around? Want to play it but your NES console is no longer operational? Why not play it with this portable device?

The Retro Mini Handheld is powered by 4 AA batteries that allows you to play your old NES games in a 2.4” LCD TFT Screen. You can also plug this handheld into your old CRT TV to bring back those childhood memories.

It’s a novel item at best since it’s a bit impractical to be lugging around those NES cartridges wherever you go. Besides, you have your Gameboys and DS’s to play old NES games.

It’s still a bit nostalgic though ain’t it? Too bad you can’t play Battle City or Contra with a friend using this one.

But if you’re still interested, ThinkGeek is selling this item for $49.99.

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